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Stay informed and up-to-date: The CPTP typically has access to the latest information and insights regarding industry regulations, policies, and best practices. By joining CPTP, you can stay informed about changes and updates that may affect your industry and business, and be better equipped to comply with regulations and industry standards.

Influence policy and decision-making: As a member of CPTP, you may have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on proposed regulations or policies. This can be an effective way to influence decision-making and ensure that regulations are fair, reasonable, and effective.

Professional development: The CPTP envisages to provide education and training opportunities for their members. This can include workshops, seminars, and certifications that can help you improve your skills and knowledge in the field. These opportunities can be especially important for those who are just starting out in the industry, as they can help you establish yourself as a professional and build your credibility.
Networking opportunities: The CPTP provides opportunities for members to connect with other professionals in the industry. This can be a valuable way to build relationships, share knowledge and ideas, and collaborate on projects or initiatives.
Advocacy: The CPTP advocates for the industry and works to promote positive perceptions of tattooing and piercing. By joining the CPTP, you can help support these efforts and contribute to the growth and success of the industry as a whole.

Overall, joining the CPTP can help you stay informed, improve your skills, network with other professionals, and contribute to the growth and success of the industry.
Why you should become a member of the CPTP
Annually: R3 000.00
Monthly:   R350.00
Annually: R2 000.00
Monthly:   R200.00
Annually: R1 500.00
Monthly:   R150.00
Annually: R3 000.00
Monthly:   R350.00