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Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals
Communitatem nos pro viribus nostris defendemus
(We are defending our community)
Zwavelpoort, Pretoria East, Gauteng,South Africa.  0081
Tel: +27 84 828 8667
Alt Tel: +27 84  250 1187
email: admin@bodyartcouncil.co.za
Body Artist Code of Conduct
The code of conduct for piercing and tattoo artists for the members of the Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals:

Hygiene and sanitation: Piercing and tattoo artists are expected to maintain a clean and hygienic work environment, including using sterile equipment and following proper infection control procedures.

Informed consent: Artists should obtain informed consent from clients before performing any procedure, including explaining the potential risks and benefits of the procedure and obtaining the client's medical history.

Professionalism: Artists should behave professionally, including maintaining appropriate boundaries with clients, avoiding discrimination, and not engaging in any illegal or unethical behavior.

Continual education: Piercing and tattoo artists should stay up to date with industry trends, attend continuing education classes, and seek out opportunities for professional development.

Respect for clients: Artists should treat clients with respect and dignity, including honoring their choices and preferences, and not engaging in any behavior that could be considered abusive or exploitative.

These principles are designed to ensure that piercing and tattoo artists provide high-quality services in a safe and ethical manner.