South African Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals
Welcome to the
Welcome to the Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals. We have been appointed to assist the industry in setting and maintaining standards acceptable to the industry and its clients. We aim together with you to improve the health standards and image of the Tattoo and Piercing industry  in South Africa. The Council for Piercing and Tattoo Professionals (CPTP) is a national association and will as such support all provinces. The main principles of the CPTP as an industry benchmark is to assist Members in the streamlining of procedures in technical tattooing and the preservation and adherence to relative Health Department skin penetration guidelines in South Africa. All members should strive to uphold a moral obligation to all regular and prospective clients.

Please bear in mind that the CPTP was established to assist studios to set and maintain high standards and in turn help you build your business.

The points below will give you clarity on what our objectives and tasks will be for the industry:


1.     Improve health standards within Tattoo and Piercing studios
2.     Reduce risk of disease and/or contamination
3.     Create hygienic environment for clients
4.     Provide members with guidelines and assist in helping implement health standards
5.     We will assist with the compliance of : 

§   Medical waste laws
§   All national health regulations
§   Health inspectorate regulations


1.     Set up forums and conventions for owners and their clients to discuss new By-Laws regulations etc.
2.     Help generate business through advertising our members who comply with regulations.
3.     Create a web based database of reputable and compliant Tattoo and Piercing studios.
4.     Host and attend conventions and workshops for the industry
5.     Create public awareness about the industry
6.     Supply guidelines for approved materials e.g. ink, instruments, disinfectants and other equipment used by the industry
7.     Elevate the image of the Tattoo and Piercing industry
8.     Establish a foundation upon which reputable studios/members will prosper  

We wish to build and maintain a constructive working relationship with you which will benefit the industry as a whole. Members will be issued with certificates to be displayed at the studio entrance window or reception. This certificate will confirm your registration and accreditation as a member of CPTP.

For registration, queries or comments that you think would benefit the Tattoo and Piercing industry, please fax or email us.

Yours faithfully
Adv M. Matime
(f) 086 547 2526